Marion Pilz


Marion Pilz, German contemporary artist  declares that she is in search of her own artistic identity but something in her Artworks, oil canvas, acrylic or graphic tells me that actually she is very confident about who she really is.

Nationally multiple awarded, one of the most important award is for sure 2018  « Cross cultural Art announcement Award category plakat » independency and freedom « , at State School of Art in Poland .

In a world where many of us like to gloriously show that we know everything and we can everything, Marion Pilz create art  to find responses at her questions. She is brave enough, courageous enough and strong enough to show and recognize her own doubts and maybe weakness, to ask questions and find new ways of understanding, all at once while she is creating ,drawing, painting.

She considers Art as the best road to Knowledge, the best portal to self discovery and new perspectives not only as artist but as woman, human too in the same time.

About her paintings, sometimes colourful, vibrant, other time agitated, always very expressive, Marion Pilz says  « Art reflects , confronts and amuses. It never floats in a vacuum, but arises in a social and cultural environment ». I think is one of the most beautiful statements  said by a woman artist and for sure I agree with her.

The meaning of art isn’t to isolate, but to bring people together , both artist and viewer , yes. Art is about building bridges.

The artist must be a communicator par excellence, using not words or phrases but colors and brilliance to convince people that our soul needs intellectual nurture, fresh ideas like fresh water and not at the end, new visions to touch new horizons.

Marion Pilz has a very strong artistic identity and if she believes that her artwork is still in construction, for sure the result will be a strong, perfect arch between cultures, nations , societies, visions and  identities based on the two important key words  of her 2018 Award as symbol :  Independency and Freedom.

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