Rémy Demestre

Looking to survive in certain moments of his life, the painter suddenly discovered the strange, marvelous energy of colours and the freshness of the painted images born under his brush.
Remy Demestre was once furious, broken, lost and gone with the wind.
He couldn’t explain anymore his life, his lost dreams or his own darkness.

Until one day when looking at Kandinsky’s oeuvres he understood that life isn’t about précis facts but more about the JOY.
This unbelievable feeling of spiritual and mental freedom was the beginning of the artist’s new esprit, courage and confidence for a new journey. Influenced by Kandinsky’s wild colours, structures and painted architecture, Remy Demestre has started to live again.
He is today a happy artist looking for positive energy, spreading light, love and hope trough his paintings .
I’m wondering how should I describe his Artworks in just three simple words : GEOMETRY OF JOY.

Remy Demestre, Maestro of joyful colours is not just an artist but much more important a Man in charge of his life and dreams .
Art is life. Art is therapy. Art is a driving motor for artists and viewers in the same time. And again , Art unites people.
Monica Mergiu

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